Digitize Books and Documents

AureXus provides intelligent conversion services for libraries, archives, and museums.

AureXus’ services include: metadata creation, conversion of finding aids, books and documents. AureXus has a wealth of experience working on complex projects such as conversions with multiple languages and characters, ancient or unclear handwriting, rare or damaged manuscripts, and more.

library-585002_640AureXus has been at the forefront of book and document digitization for over 10 years and has helped customers globally to leverage and share the value that was once locked in their physical information.




AureXus has developed expertise in content management and content conversion for libraries, archives, and museums. AureXus offers multiple conversion services: metadata management and creation, metadata merging, for books, documents, articles, and library catalog merging projects. AureXus scans books, captures information on or off site, and provides OCR, Enriching, Indexing, and Encoding (XML/EAD, MARC, METS, ALTO). AureXus uses language specialists to encode ancient foreign handwriting and difficult to read manuscripts



Server imageAureXus leverages cloud based solutions that streamline conversion projects, such as Medusa®, allowing the company to reduce requisite project duration, human intervention (on AureXus and client side), and most importantly; reduce our customers costs. AureXus is a decade-plus veteran and innovator in the conversion industry

AureXus Conversion Process


Convert and Manage your Content

Convert your physical information into rich searchable online data.

  • Books
  • Documents
  • Finding Aid Cards
  • Manuscripts
  • Archives
  • Records Management