Content Digitization

AureXus provides high-tech content digitization services

contentAureXus specializes in difficult projects that require creative solutions and intelligent workflow management. AureXus can convert all common types of physical information into digital information. AureXus has been an innovator in the content conversion space since inception in 2000.

AureXus has a particularly long and successful experience with libraries, archives and museums, and has the technical and managerial expertise to tackle the most complex types of conversions in these domains. Whether projects require encoding of ancient handwriting, multi-language or multi-character encoding, scanning and encoding of damaged items, or highly confidential records, AureXus has a team of experienced conversion specialists that can illuminate the path for organizations.

AureXus provides a complete set of services for libraries, archives, and museums to convert existing material, for example; library cards, finding aids, indexes, rare or new books, and other content into XML/EAD, INTERMARC, multilayer PDF, XML/ALTO, and other searchable formats using scanning, data entry, OCR and encoding software.

  • Book and Document conversion
    Books and Documents Conversion

    AureXus converts old or new books, documents, finding aid cards, newspapers, and others, and creates metadata.

  • Convert Film and Other
    Film and Other Conversions

    AureXus converts microfilms, photos, tapes and cassettes, maps, architectural designs, coins and seals, and creates metadata.

  • Interactive Flipbook Conversion
    Interactive Flipbook Conversion

    Aurexus convert your books, magazines, catalogs and brochures to interactive flipbook format. It can be embedded in your website and will help you create a better viewing experience and nice professional look.

  • OCR
  • XML/EAD Encoding
    XML/EAD Encoding

Our Expertise

  • Ancient and Foreign Hand-writing
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-character
  • Rare, Damaged Documents, Stained or Torn Pages
  • Electronic Cleaning
  • Strict Confidentiality

AureXus Solutions

AureXus scans material on or off site, according to customer needs.
AureXus  applies OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to obtain a digital format of a document’s content.
AureXus uses INTERMARC, MARC, METS, Dublin Core, and more metadata solutions, according to our customer's needs.
XML/EAD (eXtensible Markup Language/ Electronic Archival Data) enables searching, maintaining, and exchanging of archival data. 
AureXus can help your company save time and money by going paperless and leveraging cloud based content management solutions.
AureXus specialists convert large data fields from one format to another.
AureXus can host or distribute customer data according to their needs, with confidentiality in mind.

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