Interactive Flipbook Creation

Publish your books or your content in interactive flipbooks and offer to your clients the best viewing experience they can have on a variety of platforms.conversions with multiple languages and characters, ancient or unclear handwriting, rare or damaged manuscripts, and more.

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AureXus will convert your books, magazines, catalogs and brochures into classy digital publications.
AureXus will guide you to select the best flipbook software for your needs, or prepare your content to match your selected software or standards.
AureXus can develop the content and the complete flipbook solution to be embedded in your website.

Whether the content is training material, elearning content, courses, technical documentation, studies, thesis, digital, scanned documents, or new publications, flipbooks are an agreeable and efficient  way to present the content to your website users.

AureXus will take care of the digital publication into flipbooks of any documents, in any source format. The viewers will be able to view the flipbooks on any platform, mobiles, tablet, computer. Because it uses HTML5, the flipbook format works on various platforms operating systems.
With AureXus, your users will have an impressive experience interacting with your digital content on your website. The digital books can even be personalized with your own look and feel, brand and logo.

How to create flipbooks? From any content?
Starting from paper documents or digital documents, AureXus can convert any existing content to flipbooks…Scanned images, scanned book pages, in tiff, jpeg docs in Word, pdf, PowerPoint, flash, html5 can all be transformed into flipbooks by AureXus. Whether they are scanned documents or previously existing digital documents, AureXus will turn them into fantastic electronic portable format that can easily open and be viewed directly on your website.

How to create flipbooks from paper documents?
AureXus will convert your content into the right format, create tables of content by extracting indexes from the content using OCR or manual data entry. AureXus will make the content fully searchable by creating a layer of searchable text, even if your book is created from a 17th century paper book that you or AureXus have scanned.

Suddenly old books, catalogues, and brochures are much more fun to read!
Join our customers who are already offering to their websites’ visitors the great flipbook experience.