AureXus guarantees cutting edge solutions in content conversion; from the creation of metadata, to scanned, OCR’d, and fully encoded digital documents, AureXus is ready to help. AureXus has over 10 years of experience in content conversion projects.

AureXus is a specialist in 3D content management and 3D digital object creation for museum and industrial applications. AureXus 3D solutions include: 3D scanning, 3D rendering, 3D modeling, and 3D content viewing and distribution.

AureXus creates interactive elearning courses that enhance the effectiveness of learning and improve retention through great storyboarding, 3D simulation and interactivity, and gamification. AureXus provides the full set of services from school curriculums to training for industrial customers.

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About Aurexus

Intelligent Content Management Specialists

AureXus is a content management company founded in 2000 that is a leading provider of intelligent content creation and conversion services. AureXus is based in France and has customers and operations globally.

AureXus works with libraries, archives, museums, and large organizations to convert, create, manage, and distribute their content.

AureXus leverages user-friendly and collaborative cloud solutions, such as its proprietary Medusa® platform to process content and significantly improve workflow management and accuracy, and reduce operational costs for customers.

AureXus creates interactive content for elearning courses that amplify learning through smart storyboarding, 3D simulation and gamification.

AureXus provides creative and innovative content creation, conversion, and management solutions to customers such as the United Nations, NATO, and the French national Library, Bnf – for its digital library Gallica.