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Content Digitization
and Conversion

Content Digitization and Conversion

AureXus guarantees the best processes for any conversion. For metadata creation, scanning, OCR or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or XML encoding of documents, AureXus can help you!
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3D Digitization and Rendering

3D Digitization and Rendering

AureXus is a specialist in 3D content management and 3D digital object creation for museum and industrial applications. AureXus 3D solutions include: 3D scanning, 3D rendering, 3D modeling, and 3D content viewing and distribution.
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Interactive Elearning

Interactive Elearning

AureXus creates and converts interactive e-learning courses to improve training effectiveness through simulation, gamification and storyboarding; from school curriculum to vocational training.
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Remote cataloging, XML-EAD ​​conversion, retroconversion, web of data, bibliographic transition, etc.
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Improving conservation conditions for collections thanks to the IoT

Find out how the IoT (Internet of Things) helps prevent disasters and efficiently manage your collections storage environment…



Remote and automated WinIBW cataloging

AureXus presents how to catalog remotely in the SUDOC through WinIBW and shares its automatisms as well as its methods for greater processing efficiency…



EAD (Encoded Archival Description)

After a quick review of the EAD format, the AureXus specialist team will detail the preparation steps for encoding finding aids in XML-EAD ​​files…

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About AureXus

Expert in digital transformation

AureXus is a private French company with more than 10 years of experience, specializing in dematerialization and data processing.

AureXus works with libraries, archives, museums, and large organizations to convert, create, manage, and distribute their content.

AureXus leverages user-friendly and collaborative cloud solutions, such as its proprietary Medusa® platform to process content and significantly improve workflow management and accuracy, and reduce operational costs for customers.

AureXus creates interactive content for elearning courses that amplify learning through smart storyboarding, 3D simulation and gamification.

AureXus provides creative and innovative content creation, conversion, and management solutions to customers such as the United Nations, NATO, and the French national Library, Bnf – for its digital library Gallica.

An eco-responsible company, AureXus has chosen to act mainly on the blue ecology, the oceans, the seas … and the sky to make its contribution to the protection of the environment.


MEDUSA® is an interactive platform developed by AureXus to manage, distribute, control, share and perform work on digitized content online in a very innovative way. This management support tool has already been used by AureXus customers and its teams in many retroconversion and cataloging projects for Libraries, Archives and Museums.

One of the great advantages of the platform for AureXus customers is to give them easy and continuous access to all the information of the project and particularly the images of the starting documents as well as the texts and data of the notices being created or already completed.