3D Digitization and Rendering

AureXus provides a complete set of solutions to digitize 3D objects

AureXus is a specialist in 3D content management and 3D virtual object creation for museum and industrial applications.AureXus is a specialist in 3D content management and 3D virtual object creation for museum and industrial applications. AureXus 3D solutions include: 3D scanning, 3D rendering, and 3D content hosting and distribution. AureXus works with museums, industrial customers, and the entertainment industry to digitize objects in non-damaging ways, to create object metadata, and to make objects viewable online.

AureXus’ 3D solutions build on a long experience in content management with museums, libraries and archives The similarity of process management for 3D digitization and rendering projects, content conversion projects, and interactive elearning creation, leads to synergies in our services. AureXus scans 3D objects on or off site using CREAFORM scanners, and uses Polyworks software to render objects.

3D Scanning and its affiliated technologies allows museums to share collections of historically significant artifacts around the world in 3D galleries viewable online. The exhibits are of increasing quality and interactivity, and allow users to have a meaningful interaction with object. Furthermore, virtual exhibits have significant impact on the geography and scale of people who can now appreciate and explore historical objects. Finally, higher engagement on museum websites has led to new fundraising opportunities and may contribute to acquisition of new collections. 

Our expertises

3D Scanning

AureXus’ team scans objects on or off site using non-damaging laser scanners or digital photography. AureXus tailors scanning services to each customer’s project, to guarantee a cost effective solution at the desired precision level.

Object Rendering

AureXus technicians render 3D files to prepare them for photorealistic animations and 2D representations using UNITY and other software.

Object Hosting Solutions

AureXus helps customers host and distribute their content online. Whether it’s for HTML5 objects on websites and mobile devices, or merging existing photo galleries with newly captured 3D objects, AureXus helps organization share objects with the world.


AureXus carries out all the steps necessary for the creation of a virtual visit: from the site visit to the posting on a classic site. AureXus is able to create a concept of virtual route and choice of points of interest, scan 360° spaces or even create and set up tags and enriched content. The AureXus teams, made up of photographers, architects, 3D modellers, master the most powerful hardware and software tools on the market.

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